Wednesday 6 March 2013

Sunsong Ranch

This post is part of Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

Cold asked "What are you currently doing with your Sunsong Ranch?"

Good question, Cold. I'm letting the tumble-weeds blow through mine. I used to farm it diligently, clearing rocks and weeds, expanding the farm, planting seeds and looking after the crops. Not now. I realized I'm not all that interested in being Farmer Yoon's lackey. I haven't seen that lazy wretch lift a single finger to help. Also, I'm not too keen on the rest of the community. They seem to like you only if you're giving them things. So these days I stay away from the ranch.

I used to farm while I was levelling my cooking to 600, and the farm was good for raising ingredients. Well, I'm a master of Pandaren cooking now, though still haven't completed the quest "To be a master". I suppose I should, for the banquets. All the same, I can't be bothered right now. I've a ton of other stuff to be getting on with including trying to win just one battle in the Silvershards Mines for Wrathion, trying to kill the Stone Guard with my guild, trying to kill Blade Lord Ty'ak with my raid team, and trying to kill Warlord Bloodhilt (which will probably require the help of my guild or my raid team).

Maybe later I'll get back to the Ranch, if ever I get the time, or if I get short of money. Who said money doesn't grow on trees?

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