Thursday 14 March 2013

20 days of gold making - day 20 - must-read blogs

Nev asksLets spread some blog love - which are your 'must read' or 'go to' gold blogs or even other places you go for information & reading matter?

Do you know, I'm no longer a big reader of gold blogs now. I think the original Just My Two Copper site, while Markco was running it, was excellent. I really learned a lot from Markco. Monmar isn't doing too bad a job there, now. I still read Markco, on his GW2 site Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, where he carries on his amazing work.

My favourite place for economic information now is I especially love the fact that you can get feeds of the data to import into spreadsheets or other software. In fact, I reorganized all my crafting spreadsheets to make use of it.

I also read from time to time. It's full of solid info.

Apart from that, as I said, I don't read a lot of gold blogs lately, so it has been a pleasure to be introduced to so many that I didn't know about in the 20 days series.

Finally, I'd like to thank Nev for starting the series in the first place!

Part of the 20 days of Gold Making series

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