Friday 26 November 2010


My account was ninjaed yesterday. When I complained to a GM he told me they wouldn't lift a finger to help; because the ninja was Blizzard itself.

I went to bed on Tuesday evening with 635/700 quests completed from my Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdoms achievement. I knew that there were changes afoot -Blizzard gave us three days' notice that these changes would be coming in the Shattering, rather than the Cataclysm - so with just under 600 quests complete, I tried to finish the achievement. But despite my efforts, I just couldn't complete another 100 quests in 3 days. So I was resigned to losing a few of the quests that count towards the achievement.

Imagine, then, my surprise when I woke up the next day to find out I had only completed less than 20 quests in the Eastern Kingdoms. That surely isn't fair. That is just wrong. Three days' notice that you're going to lose 600 completed quests? (To rub salt into the wounds, many of the supposedly rewritten "new" quests were carbon copies of ones I had already completed.)

Blizzard appear to be trying to rewrite history - to pretend that I hardly quested in the Eastern Kingdoms at all. We are living in Ghostcrawler's world now, and the world of Tigole et al. has been written out of history. It is now year zero.

However, just because the questgivers no longer want adventurers to perform the tasks they formerly begged for help with, that doesn't mean those tasks never existed and that I did not perform them. What Blizzard took from me was far more valuable than gold. Blizzard has stolen my past.