Wednesday 2 November 2016

Illidan's army.

 I am Aion.

Dàchéng isn't happy with what Khadgar is up to. She keeps muttering about betrayal, and the mistakes that Khadgar made in the past, and how the orcs are the real enemy. I don't care. I'm loving it. Killing demons of the Burning Legion? What could be better. I have dedicated my life to killing demons, so it's a bit of an annoyance that the cows in Highmountain keep asking me to fix their trivial gardening problems, but I feel for the elves in Suramar, Azsuna and Azshara. All the same, I don't have time to worry about their problems. Demons need killing.

And that's what worries me about Khadgar's new plan of returning to Kharazan. Has he not noticed the big island below Dalaran, containing the Tomb of Sargeras? It's crawling with demons. Uhm. Maybe we should be concentrating on this place instead of hunting down actors in Kharazan or bears, spiders and dragons in the Emerald Nightmare. Let the Kirin Tor tidy up Kharazan if they feel the need to (they've got to be good for something, right?) and let the dragons and the druids worry about the Emerald Nightmare. It might keep them from interrupting the Illidari's mission to destroy the demons of the Burning Legion.

Where are these demons coming from? We've seen portals all over the Broken Isles. My first step would be to try to take control of these portals, and to try to ascertain who is able to create them and how.  But the rest of the elves seem more concerned with their next mana fix, or making sure the balance of nature is maintained. The Vrykul have their own private agendas and gods to worry about; and who cares about the petty problems of a herd of cattle? It's down to the Illidari to show the way. We should destroy the demons in the Felsoul Hold in Suramar, then take the fight to the Broken Shore.

Tuesday 1 November 2016

TG4 - fíche bliain ag fás

Fíche bliain ó shin, thainig Teilifís na Gaeilge - TnaG - ar an tsaoil. TG4 mar atá siad anois. Go mairfidh siad beo, agus go mbeadh súil eile ann i gcónaí.

Scéal eile: an bhfaca sibh an aimsir aréir?