Wednesday 27 March 2013

One chilly, blustery morning in March

I was at a funeral recently, for a loved one. We lowered his coffin into the ground as a chill wind whipped snowflakes around us. Afterwards, we remembered the good times, swapped stories, caught up with old friends and relatives. It was a sad and happy time.

Larísa came to my mind today for no apparent reason, until I checked the date. Two years ago, on another chilly, blustery morning in March, our dear friend Larísa retired from our lives. I loved her blog, and I would like to take the opportunity to remind her that retirement isn't the same as death. It isn't permanent. I would love to see Larísa come back for a few weeks, to have her opinion on the changes to our lives in Azeroth, to swap stories in the inn, and to catch up. Here's hoping.

Postscript: The Pink Pigtail Inn is no more. It disappeared near the end of May 2013. The hostname no longer brings us to Larísa's Inn. Mages can still peer through its cobwebbed windows into the now dark, cold interior by using the WayBack Machine.


  1. I still really miss Larisa. And Tam from Righteous Orbs. And Rhii from I Sheep Things.

    But I guess time moves onward.

  2. I was just browsing some of your old posts... maybe you already found out since you wrote this, but the PPI can actually still be accessed under if you're feeling nostalgic.

    1. Thanks, Shintar, that's an easier link to follow!