Tuesday 5 March 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 17 - Pets

Nev asksPets - Did you used to do the Vendor pet sales? How have pet battles changed things for you?

There was a time when vendor pets were a big source of income. I even had an employee in Booty Bay whose job it was to buy horde pets  and sell alliance pets on the Blackwater Auction House. I also used to take a trip out to Stormspire to buy shedloads of pets there to mail to my banker, Fuill. And Fuill, herself, as an engineer, made some dough selling mechanical squirrels and the like. Those days are long gone. There was a time when you might sell 10 pets to an adventurer and his entourage of family and friends. Now, they are happy to share one between them, and when pets became heirloom-style items suddenly there was a rush of newly unwanted pets in everyone's pet journal. And since they could now be boxed and sold, that's exactly what happened to them.

Pet battles have changed the kind of pets that people want. Rare-quality 'blue' pets are important, common-quality 'white' pets are not. Does anyone collect pets just to have them now? I'm not sure. I think even collectors want to replace white pets with blues when they buy, though uncommon pets will always sell. I know there is a market for trained pets, and for blue pets, but white vendor pets just aren't in the same demand as they used to be. I didn't bother learning the new market for pets. I just pulled out.

Part of the 20 days of Gold Making series.

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