Monday 3 August 2015

More Warcraft Predictions

I wasn't clear enough for Wilhelm in my predictions for what Blizzard would announce at Gamescom. Wilhelm is usually correct, and I can quite see his point, so I will attempt to be clearer, with no links you have to follow to understand what I'm trying to say this time.

  • I already mentioned that I thought Blizzard would be announcing the next expansion at Gamescom. That was the first part of my guarantee.
  • The release date will  tie in with the World of Warcraft movie. That was the second part (oh, yeah, sure it seems obvious now, but it wasn't even obvious to most people that there would even be a expansion announcement back when I guaranteed it).
  • The next expansion will be set in Draenor, still: in Farahlon and other parts.
  • The Burning Legion, who have hardly shown their face this expansion, will be out in force.
  • That also means we get to meet Medivh and Kil'jaedan.
  • Gul'dan will finally get his come-uppance. Please let it not be as Garrosh finally got his.
  • More people with pointless apostrophes in their names will turn up.
  • The gold price of WoW tokens will skyrocket.
Blaugust, day 3.


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about it being set in Draenor still. At that point, isn't it more of a patch than an expansion? I guess we'll know soon enough :)

    1. I think what will set it apart from a patch is only that we'll get to level to 110. Otherwise it won't be hugely different from 6.2, I think.

      It is possible that we'll follow Gul'dan or some other character back to an alternative-timeline Azeroth, but I sincerely hope not. One alternative-timeline expansion is already one too many.