Tuesday 11 August 2015

Class Order Halls

After Garrisons, where all the NPCs lick up to me and call me Commander, I'm hoping that Class Order Halls will be a big improvement. I cringe every time some programmed cartoon calls me Commander, in fact. Me and 10 million others. I'm hoping that the Class Order Halls will curb that tendency to plamás us with honeyed terms of insincerity.

Two things in the early reports that are bugging me, though:
  • First, it seems that Afrasiabi is telling all who will listen that you are the leader of your order. More plamás, it seems. You, and me, and that guy meléeing with his wand. Afrasiabi wants us all to believe we're the leader of the order of mages. The Garrison was bad enough for that sort of thing, but at least I had built my garrison up, and the only other people there were people I invited (though I don't remember inviting Fiona). But the class order hall will be filled with all sorts of mages of all sorts of abilities, and I'd really prefer that the class leader would be the most able of the mages who put themselves forward for the job.
  • Cross-faction? I don't think I could bear to spend any time in the same hall as the Undead. The smell alone would drive you out. Not that orcs or trolls smell much better. In any case, I'd be just as happy killing them as the Burning Legion. I hear reports that Dalaran would become a neutral city. I can't in all conscience square that with the behaviour of the despicable, lying horde of thugs who are our enemies. Jaina has been proven to be entirely right about the matter, and it's a shame that our king stopped Thrall from ending Garrosh's life when we invaded Orgrimmar and defeated him. In fact, its a shame we shirked our duty to bring decency and fairness to that lawless orc city.If only we had seized that moment and dismantled the horde, as Jaina wisely insisted, and executed Garrosh as Thrall tried, we could have saved ourselves the misery of a year and more stuck on Draenor in a story that has never made any sense
Blaugust, day 11.


  1. Making it cross-faction cheapens it for me, and likely for Blizzard too. That's a great way to cut down on resource costs. It's also the best possible way to undercut any real attempt at adding meaningful, class-based content back into the game. "We'll do it after all, but it is going to be the McDonald's mass manufactured sort."

    Blizzard needs to learn how to make intimate and meaningful changes to their game again. Some of this nonsense is getting out of hand!

    1. Agreed. At least phase the other faction out!

  2. I am on the opposite end here. If Horde and Alliance are going to continue to be idiots and waste resources fighting each other when there are big bads out there, then why not team up with people who think the same as me to push them back? I just really, really hope that there is some kind of, I dunno, backlash in the story against us for teaming up with the opposite faction to fight them off. If they want it to feel real (or as real as a fictional MMO can be) then there would have to be some kind of ramification!

  3. "...there are big bads out there ..."

    Do you know, I don't feel too bad about the legion. Sure, I wouldn't like them invading my world. But there's already an alien species that has invaded my world, and it's still there, trying to wipe out native species (including humans) on our planet. The orcs. They are the more pressing enemy right now.