Tuesday 22 January 2013

Problems with commenting on Wordpress sites / Reputation revisited

Am I the only person having problems getting my comments published on Wordpress sites? It seems that for the last two months or so, my comments on most of these sites have vanished into the ether. It's very frustrating when I have matters of immense gravity and import to convey, but I can't comment on Syncaine's site, on Azuriel's site, on Cynwise's site, on Pugnacious Priest's website and a ton of others. I think it's because I don't log on with a twitter account, a wordpress account or a facebook account, and I don't want a gravatar. I just want to publish my comment, so I fill in my email address, my name and my website address in the three fields provided, enter my important comment, and click the "Post Comment" button. From there, the comment disappears off into the clouds (I am not even bothered by a captcha image to confirm the presence of my soul), never to be seen again.

Stop Press!
Azuriel figured out what was going on. My comments were in his spam filter. Erinys at Harpy's Nest tracked the problem down to the Wordpress spam-filter addon, Akismet, which seems to be a tad overzealous. I wrote to Akismet explaining the problem, and after a few days they added me to their whitelist.

Anyway, the last comment to disappear on me was one I tried to make on Azuriel's site, where he was looking forward to the rep changes in 5.2 (okay, he just said he was looking toward the changes, but I know how to read between the lines). Well, I'm not looking forward to them. I already mentioned in my Reputation article some problems with Blizzards reputation system. The changes in 5.2 are a retrograde step that just trivialize it further. Thank the Light that there are no tabards, at least!

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