Friday 19 October 2012

Gear Plan

Following on from my last post about what to do after reaching level 90, here's my plan for my magely gear. I got the ilvl 476 boots from the Sha of anger, and an ilvl 470 trinket from Coren Direbrew. The rest of my gear is mostly ilvl 410-430. I'm ilvl 432 right now. I have about 3600 JPs to spend (roughly two items), and I'm neutral with everybody. The first two items I'm going to buy with my JPs are a cloak and a ring, which are my lowest ilvl gear at the moment, and moreover they are items that I can't craft replacements for (by the way, you don't need any rep to buy the JP gear, despite what wowhead and Tobold might tell you). I'm not including random drops that I'm hoping for, but not expecting.

Sunset Silk Cowl (ilvl 437) isn't too bad, and is a guaranteed quest reward. Or skip straight to
Contender's Silk Cowl (ilvl 450). Crafted by tailors, sold for ~500g.
After that, nothing much is guaranteed. Farm instances, world bosses and the auction house in hopes of a good drop, or save up your Valor Points until you can buy the Firecracker Corona (ilvl 489, costs 2250 VP).
I'm not an engineer, and so can't wear Lightwight Retinal Armor (ilvl 476)

I'm wearing the Pendant of Orbiss (ilvl 429) right now, a quest reward for helping creatures I probably shouldn't have helped.
Skymage Circle (ilvl 450) is made by jewelcrafters and worth buying for under 1000g

Get the Dreadspinner Amice (ilvl 450) or the Motherseed Mantle (ilvl 450) from the quest chain (10 quests) started by Deck Boss Arie in the Dread Wastes, or just buy/make the Contender's Silk Amice (ilvl 450)

Contender's Silk Raiment  (ilvl 450) As I'm a tailor, I can make this for myself immediately. They're also quite cheap at the Auction House (~500G). The Robes of Quiet Meditation (ilvl 458) aren't such an upgrade on this that I'm going to spend 2250JP on it.
On reaching revered with the Golden Lotus, there is an ilvl 463 quest reward, Burning Robes of the Golden Lotus, but I won't need it because I'll already have
Robes of Creation (ilvl 476) I need to be honoured with the Golden Lotus to buy the pattern, but I can buy the robe on the Auction House immediately (~20,000G). As I'm a tailor, I'll hold out until I can make my own.

Cloak of Ancient Curses (ilvl 458) is my first JP purchase.
Cloak of Snow Blossoms (ilvl 589) when I get the Valor Points.

I already have the Mindbender Cuffs (ilvl 434). Another starter would be the Dreadspinner Cuffs (ilvl 437) from the Dread Wastes.
Contender's Silk Cuffs (ilvl 450) are my best guaranteed upgrade right now. Other than that, I need to hope for random drops, and save my Valor Points for
Minh's Beaten Bracers (ilvl 489)

I was lucky enough to get Conflagrating Gloves (ilvl 450), so I can skip Contender's Silk Handraps and wait for
Spelltwister's Gloves (ilvl 476) which I can craft for myself when I'm honored with the Golden Lotus, or buy at auction.

I already have Deposers Leggings (ilvl 430).
Contender's Silk Pants (ilvl 450) are a cheap crafted upgrade. A better upgrade is
Leggings of Unfinished Conquest (ilvl 458) if you have the JPs to spare. Otherwise
Leggings of the Poisoned Soul (ilvl 489) cost 2250VP.

Everyone should easily get the ilvl 476 boots that are a guaranteed reward from your first Sha of Anger Kill. I have, anyway. Nothing more to get here right now.

Lionsfall Ring (ilvl 450), crafted by jewellers, is not a bad choice.
Etched Golden Loop (ilvl 458) may well be my first JP purchase. I'm also assuming that
The Horseman's Ring (ilvl 470) will be easily obtainable at the end of the month. Finally, when I have the Valor Points,
Simple Harmonius Ring (ilvl 483) will be a good buy.

Zen Alchemist Stone (ilvl 450) is a must for alchemists, but I'm not one. Luckily Coren Direbrew provided me with a
Mithril Stopwatch (ilvl 470) which is pretty good. The account-bound Archeology item
Quilen Statuette (ilvl 463) is also mine if I want it. But the best trinket to buy is the
Relic of Yu'lon (ilvl 476) made by scribes at the Darkmoon Faire, or
Relic of Chi Ji (ilvl 476) also made by scribes at the Darkmoon Faire.

Currently I'm carrying the staff Torch of Dawn (ilvl 429). I should go out right now and track down the
Dissector's Staff of Mutation (ilvl 450) waiting to be found in the Dead Wastes.
Scribes will want to make themselves the Inscribed Serpent Staff (ilvl 476). Otherwise it's a slog to get to exalted with the Klaxxi, to buy the
Amber Scythe of  Klaxxi'vess (ilvl 463). Better staves are very dependent on drops.

Main Hand + Off hand:
For main hand, go to into the world and find
Blade of the poisoned Mind (ilvl 450) in the Dread Wastes. Meantime get yourself to elite with the Klaxxi, so you can buy:
Amber Saber of Klaxxi'vess (ilvl 463).
For off-hand, only this will do:
Inscribed Jade Fan (ilvl 476) made by scribes.

On balance, if I were a scribe, I'd equip myself with the inscribed serpent staff. As I'm not, I'll buy the Inscribed Jade Fan, find the Blade of the Poisoned Mind, and work on getting the Amber Saber of Klaxxi'vess.

[Edit: later gear update at Gear Plan Revisited]

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