Tuesday 30 October 2012

Gear Plan revisited

I listed my gear plan, just over a week ago. I want to keep track of how that's going.

I started out unable to get into heroic dungeons, as my ilvl was too low. A few JP purchases fixed that, and I got some nice heroic drops, despite very little activity on my part over the last week.

I'd planned to make myself the 
Contender's Silk Cowl (ilvl 450).  But as it turned out, I got 
Fallout-Filtering Hood (ilvl 463) from a boss in heroic Gates of the Setting Sun, instead. I got a cheap common gem for the blue socket, but I had to go the whole hog on the meta, and buy the Fleet Primal Diamond, which cost more than I wanted to spend on a non-epic hood.

Skymage Circle (ilvl 450), bought from the Auction House, as planned.

I made the the 
Contender's Silk Amice (ilvl 450). I really should get a Crane Wing Inscription for it, as they're so cheap.

Contender's Silk Raiment  (ilvl 450) As I'm a tailor, I made this for myself immediately.
Still waiting to get to Honored with the Golden Lotus, to buy the pattern for
Robes of Creation (ilvl 476) .

Cloak of Ancient Curses (ilvl 458) was my first JP purchase, as planned.
Cloak of Snow Blossoms (ilvl 489) when I get the Valor Points.

I unaccountably still the Mindbender Cuffs (ilvl 434), and haven't yet made myself the 
Contender's Silk Cuffs (ilvl 450) . Other than that, I need to hope for random drops, and save my Valor Points for
Minh's Beaten Bracers (ilvl 489)

That heroic Gates of the Setting Sun dungeon run was great. As well as the Fallout-Filtering Hood, I also won 
Bomber's Precision Gloves (ilvl463). Still waiting on
Spelltwister's Gloves (ilvl 476) which I can craft for myself when I'm honored with the Golden Lotus (I'm not honoured by anybody yet!)

I made myself some
Contender's Silk Pants (ilvl 450). Otherwise
Leggings of the Poisoned Soul (ilvl 489) cost 2250VP. I've put that purchase on the long finger.

Everyone should easily get the ilvl 476 boots that are a guaranteed reward from your first Sha of Anger Kill. I have, anyway. Nothing more to get here right now.

Lionsfall Ring (ilvl 450), crafted by jewellers, was so cheap, I bought it.
The Horseman's Ring (ilvl 470)  dropped for me from the Headless Horseman. When I have the Valor Points,
Simple Harmonius Ring (ilvl 483) will be a good buy.

Coren Direbrew provided me with a
Mithril Stopwatch (ilvl 470) which is pretty good. The account-bound Archeology item
Quilen Statuette (ilvl 463) is also mine. I have not yet bought either the
Relic of Yu'lon (ilvl 476) made by scribes at the Darkmoon Faire, or
Relic of Chi Ji (ilvl 476) also made by scribes at the Darkmoon Faire.

I went out to track down the
Dissector's Staff of Mutation (ilvl 450) waiting to be found in the Dead Wastes. It turns out that that's quite a job. It's usually not there, spawning only rarely. Instead I got lucky and won the 
Staff of Trembling Will in a heroic Temple of the Jade Serpent run.
Scribes will want to make themselves the Inscribed Serpent Staff(ilvl 476).

Main Hand + Off hand:
For main hand, go into the world and if you're patient, you'll find
Blade of the poisoned Mind (ilvl 450) in the Dread Wastes. Meantime get yourself to elite with the Klaxxi, so you can buy:
Amber Saber of Klaxxi'vess (ilvl 463).
For off-hand, only this will do:
Inscribed Jade Fan (ilvl 476) made by scribes.
However, as I won a reasonable staff, I'll skip Main+Off until an ilvl 463 main drops for me.

[Edit: Gear Plan in 5.2]

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