Wednesday 10 June 2015

Personal loot changes

These changes to "Personal Loot" in 6.2:

"rather than treating loot chances independently for each player—sometimes yielding only one or even zero items for a group—we’ll use a system similar to Group Loot to determine how many items a boss will award based on eligible group size"


Let's imagine that our 10-man raid is set to "Personal Loot" and will get awarded 5 items of loot. Just how will this be distributed? Does Blizzard look at the first team member and decide "Well that's a 50% chance of them getting personal loot. Let's toss a coin. Heads! You win". Then the next person in the group has a 4/9 chance of being awarded loot? I.e. 4 items left to distribute among 9 players. Is that how the mechanics of this will work? I don't know, but I'd like to. Do you know for definite?


  1. What? Why would you do that?

    The way you handle this kind of randomness is akin to a deck of cards. Take the list of the eligible players. Shuffle the list. Then draw the top 5 players on the list and award each of them an item.

    1. Sounds very plausible, Rohan. Sort of distributing the players to the loot rather than the loot to the players. Much better than that rubbish mechanism I mentioned!

    2. The thing is the loot part is a red herring. The basic problem is "pick X players from group of Y". WoW does this *all* the time. For example, 3 random ranged players get a debuff. Same problem. So the general strategy is the same. Filter the list to find eligible targets, shuffle the eligible list, and take X off the top.