Tuesday 18 September 2012

So it Begins

The Fall of Theramore scenario opened up last night. It's not difficult, but it is fun. First, as a scenario for three adventurers, the typical roles of tank, healer and DPS are absent. Once you get aggro on a mob, you better be able to handle it! In this respect it reminds me of the Faction Champions fight in the Trial of the Crusader raid, which was a great fight. But in the case of this scenario, the actual fighting was very straightforward and easy. WoW Insider have a well-written walk-though for Alliance members (death to the Horde), but you probably don't need it, as you get instructions on your screen for every stage of the action which seems to be the fashion now in MMORPGs. Very casual, indeed. Also, when you zone in, there's a movie plays, setting the scene. Don't skip it if you want to understand why you're there in the first place!

One thing to mention is a bug that I encountered which prevented us completing our first run: when we zoned in, one of our team-mates dropped out. The worgen priest and I didn't care. We were able to kill everything we met without the need for a third member. However, in a late stage of the scenario, we are asked to capture three horde standards. Uh-oh. There's only two of us. So I pick up two banners and the worgen priest picks up one. Then we finish off the remaining horde and wait for Jaina to finish defusing the bomb. She never does. We wait. We wander the scenario looking for things to kill. We wait. It becomes apparent that the scenario is bugged out. It seems this often happens if you take more than one banner each.

This scenario is short, easy and straightforward. It sets the tone for future scenarios, which I think Blizzard intend to be shorter and easier than dungeons. I suspect that this particular scenario won't be available in just over a week's time, when MoP is released. Carpe diem.

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