Wednesday 3 October 2012

I assist at an explosion

And it's 1, 2, 3, what are we fighting for?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,
Next stop Jinyu Ut-Nam
And it's 5, 6, 7, open up the mantid gate
Well there ain't no time to wonder why,
WHOOPEE we're all gonna die

It's just two weeks since the Fall of Theramore, when the horde dropped a mana bomb, a weapon of mass destruction, on the city. It killed everyone in it, man, woman and child. This was a world-changing event, wasn't it? I mean, the peace brokered by Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore was blown to pieces by this, along with the inhabitants of the largest Alliance city outside the capital cities. Rhonin, the leader of the Kirin Tor died protecting Jaina.

What did we do? We assisted Jaina in picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the mana bomb, ironically dropped by a little boy, juvenile goblin Sky Captain "Dashing" Dazrip. At least we killed him. We got some fireworks to celebrate, though what exactly we are celebrating is unclear.

What has been Varian Wrynn's response to this? He invaded Orgrimmar. Ah, no. I mean he invaded a peaceful newly-discovered island, after his son went missing, believed captured by the horde. Okay, I can understand a father wanting his son back, but I found him the same day I arrived. The teenager is safe. Since then, what have we been doing to defeat Hellscream and give justice to the innocent citizens of Theramore? We're running around killing the inhabitants of a country that doesn't belong to us and has done us no harm. Or we're playing farmers with the more docile of them, planting peas and killing vermin. Has the Alliance gone soft?

I like Pancakes nailed it with an excellent series: R.I.P Theramore, More Theramore Thoughts, Hopefully ... and especially Yawning. Her conclusion? Yes: the Alliance has gone soft since defeating the Lich King. Our response to every outrage since then has been to ignore it. It is easy to blame Blizzard for this, and with reason; but it's not just them. It's us. What has our response been to these outrages? What has your response been? Have you taken your comrades to Orgrimmar to bring Garrosh Hellscream to justice? When I mention it in Stormwind, I get predictable responses. "Who cares about Theramore, anyway?" Same as I got when Sylvanas wiped out Gilneas, and when the orcs invaded Astranaar.

The horde are, of course, complicit in Garrosh's genocide. They participated in the attack on Theramore. Their leaders have not repudiated him, and in fact Sylvanas, the leader of the undead, is no less genocidal than Garrosh, as her use of biological weapons showed in Gilneas. The tauren leader Baine Bloodhoof still backs Garrosh, the slayer of his father. And why has Lor'thremar Theron of the Sin'Dorei stayed silent? Vol'jin remains as invisible as ever. And what of you, horde adventurers? Where do your morals lead?


  1. Oh we're plotting to get rid of Garrosh on Hordeside, but for now we have to go along with it. We have every reason to expect the Alliance to go genocidal on us if they get the chance, so no reason to avoid fighting them when we end up head to head.

    Horde players actually have the better motivation to go to Pandaria. To get the hell away from Garrosh.

  2. Very true, Spinks. Orcs especially have every reason to want to be away from Orgrimmar these days. I just don't know what I'm doing in Pandaria!

  3. Keep in mind the bulk of the forces for both Horde and Alliance are a couple months out from Pandaria. You (and the rest of us heroes) are the advance, the vanguard. Our job is to pave the way for our respective faction's success, (and find Anduin, for the Alliance).

    Just because we're puttering around Pandaria doesn't mean gears aren't moving elsewhere. We just don't get to see it in game because we're busy in Pandaria. I'm interested to see how they push that story forward.

  4. Good point, Talarian. But what is the elite vanguard doing raising crops in Pandaria now that Anduin has been found alive and well?

    Maybe the same effort could be invested in sending us into Orgrimmar to bring Garrosh to justice. My guild could organise it within a week. What's keeping Varian?

  5. Baine don´t back up Garrosh, He´s helping the Horde. He don´t wanted any war, revenge or twistied honor for killen people. But conquering Northwatch is quite important for the saftiyness of the bordlerland horde inhabitans, exspecially after the slaughtering of Camp Taurajo.

    Normally Baine might challange Garrosh for an Duell, cause Garrosh got to far.
    But ,by returning fearbreaker, he´s still lacking self confidence. To make Things worse, Baine would easily crush Garrosh oder Malkorok in an fiar Duell like his Father did, thats not an option, it never was.
    Malkorok and Garrosh has got unfair , over- orcisch power by the dark Shamans and might fight with poison or other tricks.
    So any Duell or Resitent by Baine will result in his death, betrayed, cheated and his people in dispair.

  6. Understood. So Baine is Garrosh's lap-dog.