Thursday 13 November 2014

10 levels in a day.

I've just learnt that there are already 3 level 100 characters on my realm, less than 12 hours after the release of WoD. That's pretty poor work on the part of Blizzard, in my opinion. What in fact is the point in having 10 more levels if they can be skipped through in a day? I recall taking a year to get to level 50. I wonder if I'll even be able to stretch my 90-100 levelling experience out for a week.

And once we get to level 100, what remains? Raiding, of course, but where is the virtual world we once lived in? Am I to play Garrison manager for the next couple of years? I already have a job like that in Earth Online.


  1. I think we've seen people racing to the cap with every expansion. They made that choice. You get to make your choice with how you go through the content.

    I went through every zone and every quest line, all the dungeons, and all the LFR raids with my first character into Pandaria, which only had five levels. I enjoyed the ride, which took months. I hit level cap part way through, but I kept going. There was plenty of content to consume.

    More recently as WoD has approached, I have been keen to get one more alt up to 90. I bet I can ride him to 90 in less than a week, as speed will be my goal. That I can do a thing though does not mean I have to do that thing.

  2. I take your point. All the same, I seem to recall that it took longer for the first level 90s to appear on our realm, and my experience these last few days is that levelling is very fast, even with the distractions of the garrison.