Tuesday 7 May 2013

The Holiday that Time Forgot

This year's children's week was the quietest since records began. With most high-level adventurers now lodged in Pandaria, it wouldn't surprise me that many people were unaware that there was a holiday event happening: there wasn't the slightest hint of it in the Shrine of the Seven Stars. No Pandaren orphans to look after, nor any orphan matrons looking after any other orphans there. The holiday itself hasn't changed all that much since Orphan Matron Aria opened her orphanage in Dalaran. There was a bit of a reshuffle after the Cataclysm, as old quest locations were destroyed or altered, but since most adventurers were back in Stormwind by this time, the old orphanage there got plenty of help. This year, with few adventurers lodging in Stormwind, the orphans were all but invisible.


  1. There weren't that many toons bringing orphans in to BGs, that's for sure. The biggest change I saw was that Dal wasn't completely empty for a change.

  2. I never got to Dalaran, Redbeard, but I did notice the missing orphans in BGs! I also noticed that my Delicious Chocolate Cakes weren't selling like, well, hot-cakes.