Monday 4 March 2013

What is free experience for? A KV-1, of course!

I think you can probably guess what happened next after Friday's post, More Fun with Tanks. The clincher was double crew XP over the weekend. So I consigned my T-46 to the dustbin of history, and got a KV-1 by spending my free XP for the research. Then I noticed that the KV-1's engine can be upgraded to the same engine the T-28. That was the nail in the coffin for the T-28 as well, and I sold it, cannibalized the engine for my KV-1 and finally bought the StuG III. I trained both crews to 75% and set off to do battle.

Both fared pretty well, despite not having any module upgrades yet. The Sturmgeschütz is very fast: too fast for a tank destroyer! I keep getting too far ahead of my team; you would think I was playing a scout instead of front-line support. The KV-1 has the opposite problem: too slow. Still, both are good fun. I still need to get the hang of them, though. Once I've played more matches with each I'll be in a better position to evaluate them. Still, at least I never have to look at the T-28 again.

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