Wednesday 13 March 2013

20 days of gold making - day 19 - rewards

Nev asks Have you bought yourself anything really expensive as a reward for earning all that gold? Or do you have a self-present in mind for when you reach your goal?

I've treated myself liberally! I started making gold in order to have the money to buy anything I wanted, and as a result, I bought anything I wanted! And what do I want? Well, I like raiding, so I've bought myself things that help with raiding: mostly expensive gear or tailoring patterns. Each patch, I'll buy myself whatever crafted gear will help me. Also, gems, enchants (or enchanting recipes and mats), flasks, potions, food; whatever will give me an edge. I'll also buy whatever will make my life easier: the Traveller's Tundra Mammoth.

But I've also bought plenty of fun items: I buy virtually every mount I come across (including Mekgineer's Chopper and the Vial of the Sands), and various potions and items of transformation, just for the crack.

I sometimes buy gifts for guildies, but rarely gifts that are useful for raiding. Pets or mounts, usually (I did once buy a dear friend a Relic of Xuen).

In short, I spend my gold liberally. that's why I got it.

Part of the 20 days of Gold Making series.

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