Saturday 1 August 2015

Toxic Tankers

It seems that especially on weekends, an especially toxic strain of tankers infests the World of Tanks. They complain about their own team, rage and curse at players who don't play the way they deem correct, and often give away to the enemy the position of players they feel deserve to die, even though it's at the expense of weakening their own team's chance of winning. Of course, usually all this is after their own tank's destruction.

You may remember South Park's take on people with anger management issues (episode T.M.I.): angry men's members are smaller than average, and that's what they're really angry about. But there's no point in reminding tankers about that unless you're trolling them.

In fact, this kind of  angry ranting in WoT is not helped by's response to it, which is basically to ignore it. They believe that their in-game reporting tool and automated response is sufficient. It is not. What expect is that if people are rude, enough people will report them during the game that their automatic tools will realize that and penalize the player. There are two things wrong with that:

  • Lack of reporting
  • Lack of feedback
Let's look at the first of those: lack of reporting. If a player is cursing and swearing at his team-mates, many players who would like to report the player at that point cannot do so because they're far too busy controlling their tanks and trying to avoid getting killed themselves. In the heat of battle is the wrong place to be reporting. Moreover, reporting players for inaction is problematic, because the player might be simply watching through gun-sights at a spot he expects an enemy to appear at. General inaction can only be thoroughly evaluated after the battle.

Lack of feedback is the next problem. There appears to be no benefit in reporting players. They never seem to receive penalties. Maybe they do, but how would anyone know? Lack of feedback leads in turn to the first problem: lack of reporting. Why bother reporting when nothing ever seems to be done?

Finally, will no longer follow up on reports of player rulebreaking that you raise out-of-game on their support website. Even if you support such a complaint with a replay of the match in question, their customer support agents will take no action.

Meantime, player misbehaviour worsens. I've taken to changing my "General Settings" to disable battle-chat. At least I don't have to listen to the ragers. But then I can't tell if they're giving away our positions to the enemy.

Blaugust, Day 1.


  1. I do think creating accountable through reporting and feedback helps, but toxic gamers aren't born in a vacuum. They exist because the community has allowed them to. For my own experience in other games, I make sure I always stand up for the regular player who doesn't deserve to be demeaned by someone else, or I walk away from toxicity and encourage others to do so.

    Reporting helps, but I feel like it's a few steps removed from really pointing out to the person their behavior. It's kind of like throwing a fine on someone for breaking the law after the fact and expecting that alone to be enough to discourage them in the future. It isn't.

    1. I thoroughly agree, Today I caught two platooned players killing a third player, then calling him a moron, when I complained to them! Apparently this was because he wasn't doing what they thought he should do, which was scouting for them.