Tuesday 11 March 2014


As you know, Blizzard announced that you can now pre-order Warlords of Draenor now for €45 (or €60 for the deluxe version, which includes a mount and a pet). Blizzard say they'll deliver "on or before 20/12/2014", so why would anyone bother to pre-order now? Because of the free Level 90 Character Boost. Is your raid short of a particular role? Order Warlords of Draenor today, and you can probably have your new level 90 raid-ready in a week's time. I'm considering it to solve Paoquan's dilemma, and get a tank/healer for our raids.

Wilhelm Arcturus has a list of what you get with your insta-90.


  1. I've always thought that piece you wrote on Paoquan's dilemma was your most evocative to date. I can't actually pin down what it is exactly, but the disappearance of poor Paoquan into the underworld filled me with sympathy. The image of the poor panda wandering on the banks of the mists, anxiously fretting for over a year and then finally trying to make the leap was very touching.

    The fact that she might have made it after all fills me with gladness.

    1. Thank you, Duke. I've been fretting about her, too. Even though I couldn't find a way past her dilemma, in the end I also couldn't just delete the character, so I'm very pleased that the solution is finally at hand.