Wednesday 19 June 2013

Balmy days

Our guild is in low-key mode at the moment. This always happens at this time in the summer. People are on holidays. Students are doing exams. The sun is shining and people prefer to be in the garden at the barbecue than in a cave full of bats.

So we're taking it easy. We have a team of XP-capped level 70s who are having fun getting all the Heroic BC dungeon achievements. Maybe they can get a few BC raids as well. Those heroic BC instances are a lot of fun, though! Much more so than the Pandaren "heroics", which are more of a sprint to the finish line. You need to really think about each pull.

We're also doing Pandaren Challenge Mode dungeons. These really are challenging, and so far we're just learning. There are a lot of mechanics in these that everyone ignores in heroic mode but that will kill you if you ignore them in challenge mode. Also, there are some mechanics in challenge mode that are not in heroic mode at all. Part of the fun in these challenge mode dungeons is to figure out for yourself how to deal with them, for they aren't well documented on wowhead and other sites.

Gevlon has a nice list of features for an world different to Azeroth that I'd like to visit. I'd like to add to his list. I'd love it if you can't look things up on a wiki somewhere.Oh, and perilous travel.

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