Monday 6 December 2010

More than 25 quests

The Cataclysm hits tonight. Many adventurers are stocking their quest-log with 25 completed quests to hand in as soon as midnight arrives; but did you know you can hand in more than 25 completed quests?

The secret is to choose quests where the quest-giver asks you to get them something. But you don't accept the quest beforehand. You arrive just after midnight at the quest-giver, with the items the questgiver wants, then you accept the quest and hand over the goods in the same heartbeat.

A good example of this is the quest The Valiant's Charge. You go to the Argent Tournament quest hub with your 25 already-completed quests, and also with 25 Valiant's Seals. You hand in whatever completed quests you have there, then you accept The Valiant's Charge from the quest-giver and hand it in an instant later, handing over the 25 seals you had brought with you. So for about 5 seconds extra work on Tuesday morning, you've managed to hand in a 26th quest.

Here's another example: Hot and Cold. You just turn up with 6 frozen Iron Scraps that you had collected earlier. Again, for this to work, you mustn't have accepted this quest prior to turning up to hand it in. Also, as it's a daily, at least one of the 25 quests you did have in your log must not be a daily, as you can only hand in 25 dailies.

I couldn't immediately think of any other good examples, but I'm sure you can!

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